Light detected behind a black hole for the first time

(CNN)It’s a light show in space unlike any other.

For the first time, scientists have detected light from behind a black hole, and it fulfills a prediction rooted in Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
Stanford University astrophysicist Dan Wilkins and his colleagues observed X-rays that were released by a supermassive black hole located at the center of a galaxy that is 800 million light-years from Earth.
These bright light flares are not unusual because although light can’t escape a black hole, the enormous gravity around it can heat up material to millions of degrees. This can release radio waves and X-rays. Sometimes, this super-heated material is hurled out into space by rapid jets — including X-rays and gamma rays.
But Wilkins noticed smaller flashes of X-rays that occurred later and were different colors — and they were coming from the far side of the black hole.
“Any light that goes into that black hole doesn’t come out, so we shouldn’t be able to see anything that’s behind the black hole,” said Wilkins, study author and research scientist at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, in a statement.
However, the black hole’s strange nature actually made the observation possible.
“The reason we can see that is because that black hole is warping space, bending light and twisting magnetic fields around itself,” he said.
X-ray flares have been seen from the far side of a black hole for the first time, as depicted in this rendering.

The study published last Wednesday in the journal Nature.
“Fifty years ago, when astrophysicists starting speculating about how the magnetic field might behave close to a black hole, they had no idea that one day we might have the techniques to observe this directly and see Einstein’s general theory of relativity in action,” said Roger Blandford, study coauthor and the Luke Blossom Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and professor of physics at Stanford University, in a statement.
Einstein’s theory, or the idea that gravity is matter warping space-time, has persisted for a hundred years as new astronomical discoveries have been made.
Some black holes have a corona, or a ring of bright light that forms around a black hole as material falls into it and becomes heated to extreme temperatures. This X-ray light is one way scientists can study and map black holes.
As gas falls into a black hole, it can spike to millions of degrees. This extreme heating causes electrons to separate from atoms, which creates magnetic plasma. The powerful gravitational forces of the black hole cause this magnetic field to arc high above the black hole and twirl until it breaks.
This isn’t unlike the sun’s corona, or hot outer atmosphere. The sun’s surface is covered in magnetic fields, which cause loops and plumes to form as they interact with charged particles in the sun’s corona. This is why scientists refer to the ring around black holes as a corona.
“This magnetic field getting tied up and then snapping close to the black hole heats everything around it and produces these high energy electrons that then go on to produce the X-rays,” Wilkins said.
While studying the X-ray flares, Wilkins spotted smaller flashes. He and his fellow researchers realized the larger X-ray flares were being reflected and “bent around the black hole from the back of the disk,” allowing them to see the far side of the black hole.
“I’ve been building theoretical predictions of how these echoes appear to us for a few years,” Wilkins said. “I’d already seen them in the theory I’ve been developing, so once I saw them in the telescope observations, I could figure out the connection.”
The observations were made using two space-based X-ray telescopes: NASA’s NuSTAR and the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton.
More observation will be needed to understand these black hole coronas and the European Space Agency’s upcoming X-ray observatory, called Athena, will launch in 2031.
“It’s got a much bigger mirror than we’ve ever had on an X-ray telescope and it’s going to let us get higher resolution looks in much shorter observation times,” Wilkins said. “So, the picture we are starting to get from the data at the moment is going to become much clearer with these new observatories.”

Novak Djokovic’s search for ‘Golden Slam’ comes to an end at Tokyo 2020

(CNN)Novak Djokovic’s search for a historic ‘Golden Slam’ came to an end on Friday as he lost to Alexander Zverev at Tokyo 2020.

The world No. 1 lost 1-6 6-3 6-1 to the German in the semifinals of the Summer Games.
He was bidding to become the first men’s player to win a ‘Golden Slam’ — consisting of four grand slams and an Olympic gold medal in the same calendar year.
Steffi Graf is the only tennis player to complete the feat when she did it in 1988.
The Serbian has already won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon this year. He would have needed the gold medal at the Olympics and the US Open title to complete the set.
Victory at the last grand slam of the year would still take the 34-year-old to 21 major titles, surpassing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who each have 20 majors to their name.
After the match, Zverev explained what he and Djokovic said as the pair embraced at the net.
“I told him that he’s the greatest of all time, and he will be,” Zverev told reporters.
“I know that he was chasing history, is chasing the ‘Golden Slam’ and was chasing the Olympics, but in these kind of moments me and Novak are very close.
“Of course I’m happy that I’ve won, but at the end of the day I know how Novak feels.”
Novak Djokovic plays a forehand at  Tokyo 2020 in Friday's semifinal.

Djokovic had not lost a set at the Games before Friday’s match, and had looked ominous as he brushed aside his opponents.
And the same tale seemed to be playing out against Zverev, as the 2020 US Open finalist failed to keep up with Djokovic’s intensity early on.
However, after the interlude between the first two sets, he seemed to gather himself and fought back, showing grit and determination.
His big, powerful serve and devastating forehand had him on the front foot, while Djokovic showed signs of nerves as uncharacteristic unforced errors creeped into his performance.
Alexander Zverev waits to return the ball against Djokovic.

A bathroom break between the second and third set seemed to halt Zverev’s momentum, but it wasn’t for long.
In the shortened three-set format for the men’s competition at the Olympics, Djokovic wasn’t able to produce a comeback as Zverev stayed on course for his first Olympic gold medal, winning the final two sets in an hour and 26 minutes.
Zverev, 24, will now meet the Russian Olympic Committee’s Karen Khachanov in the gold medal match this weekend.
“It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you’re going to bring the medal back to your house, back home to Germany,” Zverev said. “It’s incredible beating the best player in the world undoubtedly right now and in this season.
“It seemed it was impossible to beat him at this event, so I’m very happy right now. But yet there’s still one match to go.”
Meanwhile, Djokovic and Spain’s Pablo Carreño Busta will battle it out for the bronze medal.
When asked to describe how he was feeling ahead of the bronze medal clash on Sunday, Djokovic said he feels “terrible.”
“I hope to feel better tomorrow.”

Not a great day

For the 20-time grand slam champion, the day only got worse after that.
Just a few hours after his defeat to Zverev, Djokovic and his Serbian teammate Nina Stojanovic lost in the mixed doubles semifinals against Aslan Karatsev and Elena Vesnina of the Russian Olympic Committee.
Karatsev and Vesnina won 7-6 (7-4) 7-5 in an hour and 44 minutes to advance to the final where they will face their compatriots Andrey Rublev and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova after they beat John Peers and Ashleigh Barty of Australia earlier in the day.
After his mixed doubles defeat, Djokovic described his day as “tough.”
“A really tough day. I feel so terrible right now,” he told the media.
“I was leading a set then a break, and he managed to turn the match around, he served huge, was attacking, and I was not getting any free points on my first serves,” he added. “And I missed a lot of first serves from 3-2 in the second.
“To play someone of his quality, of his level, it’s just too tough to win a match.”

Japanese athletes face Chinese nationalists’ wrath after beating China at Olympics

Hong Kong (CNN)Some of Japan’s victorious Olympic athletes have been subjected to a storm of online abuse from Chinese nationalists following the defeat of their Team China opponents in Tokyo.

As of Friday afternoon in Japan, China and the hosts occupied the top two places in the medal table, with a number of events pitting Chinese athletes directly against their longtime rivals for places on the podium. And that’s raised temperatures on social media.
On Wednesday, Japan’s Daiki Hashimoto won gold in the men’s all-around gymnastics final, edging out China’s Xiao Ruoteng by 0.4 points. At just 19 years old, Hashimoto is the youngest gymnast to ever win the event.
As Japan celebrates his victory, some in China questioned the fairness of the result and accused the judges of favoritism toward the hosts by allegedly inflating Hashimoto’s score on the vault.
The anger, first set off on Chinese social media, soon spilled over to platforms typically censored in China. Chinese nationalist trolls circumvented the Great Firewall and descended on Hashimoto’s Instagram account, inundating his feed with angry comments and tagging him in insulting posts.
Many called Hashimoto Japan’s “national humiliation,” while others accused him of stealing China’s gold medal. Some even tagged him in photos of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Some of the accounts attacking Hashimoto appeared to be created specially for this purpose, with their entire feeds filled with posts targeting the Japanese gymnast.
Hashimoto later changed the privacy settings on Instagram, so he could no longer be tagged on the platform — but angry comments have kept pouring in under his posts.
The attacks and harassment are emblematic of the rising tide of ultranationalism sweeping through social media in China, which has silenced many of the country’s more liberal and moderate voices online. The nationalist sentiment against Japan has often flared, due to deep-rooted rancor against Japan’s invasion of China in World War II.
Other Chinese netizens criticized the online abuse and called for an end to it, but they were also attacked.
In recent years, Chinese nationalists have launched massive online trolling campaigns against those they regard as Beijing’s political foes, including Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters. They also lashed out at Australian Olympic swimmer Mack Horton at the 2016 Rio Games, after he called China’s Sun Yang a “drug cheat.
Following the latest controversy, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) issued a statement Thursday expounding on Hashimoto’s score, including a detailed list of the imperfections.
“The FIG can assess that the 14.7 score obtained by Hashimoto on this apparatus is correct in regards to the Code of Points, and so is the final ranking,” the statement concluded.
In an Instagram post on Thursday evening, Hashimoto expressed gratitude for the support he received, while acknowledging he had received abusive comments on social media.
“You may think the score of the Vault might be unfair, but FIG has given its verdict on the official scoring result…We have to accept the result as it is even it is very difficult to take in,” he wrote.
“The Tokyo Olympics is not over yet…I do hope there will be less smear comments and more praises for the athletes,” he added, sharing a photo of himself, Xiao and the Russian Olympic Committee’s Nikita Nagornyy posing together with medals.

A wider problem

The nationalist rage against Hashimoto followed attacks on Mima Ito and Jun Mizutani, the Japanese table tennis duo who narrowly defeated the Chinese team to win the first-ever gold medal in mixed doubles Monday.
On Wednesday, Mizutani said on Twitter that he had received a torrent of messages attacking him, without directly mentioning China.
“Got tons of DM from a country telling me to ‘Go to hell! P*ss off!’, but I’m totally OK as I’m used to such comments. I’m just happy that I got the whole word excited. All messages from Japanese are cheering me, thank you!” he wrote in the tweet, which was later deleted.
Mizutani Jun and Mima Ito of Japan cheer during the table tennis mixed doubles final against China on July 26.

Ito, who has an account on Weibo, China’s heavily censored version of Twitter, had to shut down her feed due to an onslaught of hate comments. She was also attacked on Instagram, where fans have organized themselves to support her against the abuse, leaving encouraging comments and tagging her in positive posts to drown out hate messages.
The attacks have since drawn wide attention in Japan, making headlines and sparking anger on social media.
Speaking at a news conference Thursday, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said he was aware of the incidents, although not the details.
“We, as the government, believe any discrimination should not be allowed,” he said. “It is also against the Tokyo Olympics’ spirits. We ask everyone to let the athletes to concentrate on their matches so they can do their best.”
Elsewhere, other Olympic athletes have also faced social media trolling, including America’s Simone Biles.
Biles, one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, withdrew from the individual all-around competition this week to focus on her mental health. While the 24-year-old has received an outpouring of support for her decision, she has also been viciously attacked by trolls.
On Twitter, some Indian swimmers were trolled for failing to qualify for the semifinals.
Addressing the problem at a news conference Friday, International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesperson Mark Adams said he didn’t think the IOC could give advice to athletes individually, but he stressed that online abuse has “no place in sport.”
“Such trolling…or aggression is really, really not acceptable and we would completely go against that and support the athletes in every way,” he said.
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Covid Meroket, RS di AS Menjerit Kekurangan Tempat Tidur ICU

Ilustrasi. (AFP/Cole Burston)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Para tenaga kesehatan di Amerika Serikat mulai menjerit mencari tambahan tempat tidur karena unit perawatan intensif (ICU) mulai kewalahan menangani pasien Covid-19 di tengah lonjakan infeksi corona.
Bloomberg melaporkan bahwa kekurangan tempat tidur ini terjadi di beberapa wilayah di selatan AS, seperti Mississippi, Arkansas, dan Louisiana.

Wakil Departemen Kesehatan Mississippi, Jim Craig, mengatakan bahwa saat ini, tak ada lagi tempat tidur tersisa di ICU rumah sakit daerah tersebut karena mereka juga masih mengurus pasien lain, seperti penderita stroke atau korban kecelakaan.



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Craig pun meminta rumah sakit di daerah itu untuk sebisa mungkin menunda operasi yang tak berkaitan dengan Covid-19.

Ia juga memerintahkan rumah sakit di Mississippi membentuk komando pusat yang bertugas mencari tempat tidur tambahan untuk ICU.

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Corona Melonjak di AS, Kasus Mingguan Kalahkan RI dan India
Sementara itu, rumah sakit di Arkansas, Florida, dan Louisiana juga mulai mengeluhkan peningkatan pasien Covid-19, sementara para petugas medis kelelahan karena tak henti bekerja sejak pandemi melanda.

Para tenaga kesehatan di wilayah selatan AS saat ini memang sedang bekerja keras karena lonjakan kasus Covid-19 akibat kemunculan virus corona varian Delta.

“Kami melihat peningkatan masif sekarang ini, dan sekolah baru saja dimulai. Jika Anda melihat proyeksi peningkatan kami, semua bukan lagi seperti lereng, tapi seperti jurang; jurang yang terjal,” ujar seorang pejabat kesehatan Mississippi, Thomas Dobbs.

Berdasarkan data Pusat Pengendalian Penyakit AS (CDC), tingkat rawat inap pasien Covid-19 di rumah sakit memang meroket hingga 5.186 pada 20-26 Juli, meningkat 47 persen dari pekan sebelumnya.

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AS Ingin Wajibkan Vaksin bagi Pegawai Federal Usai Covid Naik
Dobbs mengatakan bahwa kondisi tersebut bisa lebih parah dari lonjakan kasus tahun lalu karena saat ini rumah sakit juga kekurangan staf.

“Para ahli kesehatan kami sudah sangat kelelahan. Kami memang tak bisa lagi memaksakan mereka,” ucap Dobbs.

Di Arkansas, pemandangan serupa juga terlihat. Pemimpin rumah sakit di Arkansas, Naveen Patil, mengatakan bahwa para staf rumah sakit sudah sangat kelelahan, apalagi mereka juga harus merawat pasien bukan Covid.

“Sistem rumah sakit di kawasan ini sangat stres. Tantangan terbesarnya tentu mencari staf,” kata Patil.

Para staf medis di AS, terutama bagian selatan, terus berada di bawah tekanan karena belakangan, varian Delta memicu lonjakan pesat kasus Covid-19.

Lonjakan ini tidak diimbangi dengan vaksinasi yang cukup karena sebagian warga di selatan AS memang sangat skeptis terhadap vaksin.

Lousiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, dan Nevada, merupakan beberapa negara bagian di selatan AS yang memiliki tingkat vaksinasi di bawah rata-rata nasional. Kelima negara bagian AS itu pula yang menyumbang kasus Covid-19 harian terbanyak sepekan terakhir.

“Ini adalah masalah yang sebagian besar akibat mereka yang tidak divaksinasi, yang merupakan alasan mengapa memohon kepada orang-orang yang tidak divaksinasi menerima vaksin,” ucap Kepala Penasihat Presiden AS Bidang Kesehatan, Anthony Fauci.

Fauci mengaku “sangat frustrasi” atas situasi pandemi di AS karena saat ini, pemerintah justru mulai melonggarkan sejumlah aturan, seperti wajib masker, meski sejumlah negara bagian mulai memperketat kembali regulasi.

“Kita sedang menuju ke arah yang salah,” kata Fauci seperti dikutip Sky News.


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Senjata AS Lawan Covid: Wajib Masker-Vaksin, Testing Rutin

AS berencana menerapkan sejumlah kebijakan, termasuk wajib vaksinasi dan masker hingga testing rutin, untuk melawan lonjakan kasus Covid-19 belakangan ini. (Getty Images via AFP/Drew Angerer)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Amerika Serikat berencana menerapkan sejumlah kebijakan, termasuk wajib vaksinasi dan masker hingga testing rutin, untuk melawan lonjakan kasus Covid-19 beberapa waktu belakangan.
AS menyusun kebijakan-kebijakan ini karena kasus harian Covid di AS mulai merangkak naik. Menurut data John Hopkins University, rata-rata kasus harian di AS dalam sepekan terakhir mencapai 57.300.

Angka ini meningkat tajam ketimbang 3-39 Juni lalu dengan kasus harian tak lebih dari 23 ribu. Pada 4 Juni, AS bahkan nol kasus.

Peningkatan jumlah kasus Covid-19 di Negeri Paman Sam itu dipicu varian Delta yang diyakini lebih mudah menular.

Berikut kebijakan yang bakal diambil Presiden AS, Joe Biden, untuk menghalau penyebaran virus corona.

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Covid Meroket, RS di AS Menjerit Kekurangan Tempat Tidur ICU
Pemakaian kembali masker
Amerika Serikat mewajibkan kembali penggunaan masker di seluruh gedung pemerintahan di daerah dengan tingkat penularan Covid-19 tinggi.

Pada Selasa (27/7) lalu, Pusat Pengendalian dan Pencegahan Penyakit (CDC) AS juga merekomendasikan kembali penggunaan masker di dalam ruangan, terutama di wilayah yang risiko penularannya tinggi.

Pada Mei lalu, CDC sebenarnya mengizinkan warga AS yang sudah divaksin untuk melepas masker di dalam atau luar ruangan. Namun, lonjakan Covid-19 akibat kemunculan varian Delta membuat AS harus mengubah arah kebijakan.

New York Times melaporkan, CDC juga menyerukan masker secara umum untuk guru, staf, siswa, dan pengunjung di sekolah, terlepas dari status vaksinasi dan penularan virus di masyarakat.

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AS Wajibkan Masker di Gedung Pemerintahan Daerah Covid Tinggi
Vaksinasi wajib pegawai negeri
Presiden Joe Biden dilaporkan bakal mengumumkan kebijakan wajib vaksinasi bagi seluruh pegawai negeri Amerika Serikat pada hari ini, Kamis (29/7).

“Semakin kami mempelajari virus ini dan varian Delta, semakin kami khawatir dan prihatin. Hanya ada satu hal yang kita tahu pasti – jika ratusan juta orang lainnya divaksinasi, kita akan berada di dunia yang sangat berbeda,” kata Biden.

CNN melaporkan, pemerintah juga berencana mewajibkan vaksin bagi tenaga kesehatan di Amerika Serikat. Pemerintah akan menindaklanjuti rencana ini dengan terlebih dahulu menetapkan dasar hukumnya.

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AS Ingin Wajibkan Vaksin bagi Pegawai Federal Usai Covid Naik
Gencarkan testing Covid
Pemerintah juga berencana melakukan tes Covid-19 secara rutin hingga menerapkan pembatasan perjalanan bagi pegawai negeri yang belum divaksin, sebagaimana sudah berlaku di New York dan California.

Gubernur New York, Andrew Cuomo, mengatakan bahwa pegawai di wilayah itu akan diminta untuk vaksinasi atau tes setiap minggu.

Menurut data Worldometer, sejak pandemi merebak, secara keseluruhan AS telah melakukan tes terhadap 527 juta penduduk.

FOTO: Geger Covid, New York Berlindung di Balik Masker
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Coretan Swastika di Lift Kemenlu AS, Menlu Mengamuk

Menteri Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat, Antony Blinken, mengamuk setelah menerima laporan mengenai coretan lambang Nazi, swastika, di lift kementeriannya. (AFP/Andrew Harnik)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Menteri Luar Negeri Amerika Serikat, Antony Blinken, mengamuk setelah menerima laporan mengenai coretan lambang Nazi, swastika, di lift kementeriannya.
“Ini merupakan pengingat menyakitkan bahwa anti-Semitisme belum berakhir. Itu semua masih ada dan kita menghadapinya di seluruh dunia, dan sayangnya kita juga menghadapinya di tempat yang sangat dekat,” ujar Blinken, seperti dikutip AFP, Rabu (28/7).

Ia kemudian berkata, “Saya harus menekankan bahwa anti-Semitisme tak punya tempat di Amerika Serikat dan tentunya tak punya tempat di Kementerian Luar Negeri.”

Saat ini, pejabat Kemlu AS pun sedang menyelidiki bagaimana simbol Nazi tersebut bisa terlihat di dinding lift di Gedung Harry S. Truman.

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Covid Meroket, RS di AS Menjerit Kekurangan Tempat Tidur ICU
Komite Yahudi Amerika juga mengaku bingung simbol Nazi itu bisa tertoreh di lift yang sangat dekat dengan kantor bagian anti-Semitisme.

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Menurut komite tersebut, saat ini posisi perwakilan urusan anti-Semitisme di Kemlu itu sedang kosong usai pergantian kepemimpinan. Mereka pun mendesak Kemlu untuk segera mengisi posisi tersebut.

“Anti-Semitisme masih terus ada di dunia, seperti yang dikatakan Menlu,” ucap Direktur Komite Yahudi Amerika urusan Anti-Semitisme, Holly Huffnagle.

Blinken sendiri dikenal sebagai Yahudi sekuler penolak keras anti-Semitisme. Ayah angkat Blinken juga merupakan penyintas kamp Nazi.

Bulan lalu, Blinken berkunjung ke Berlin untuk menggaungkan upaya memerangi kemunculan kembali anti-Semitisme di Jerman dengan menggencarkan edukasi mengenai Holocaust.

Ia mengingatkan bahwa penolakan terhadap sejarah Holocaust dan gerakan anti-Semitisme lainnya “kerap kali muncul berbarengan dengan homofobia, xenofobia, rasialisme, dan bentuk kebencian lainnya.”


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Menlu China Temui Taliban, Minta Bantu Lawan Ekstremis Uighur

Menlu China, Wang Yi, bertemu dengan perwakilan Taliban dan meminta dibantu melawan kelompok ekstremis Uighur di Xinjiang, East Turkestan Islamic Movement. (AFP/Massimo Percossi)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —
Menteri Luar Negeri China, Wang Yi, bertemu dengan perwakilan Taliban pada Rabu (28/7) di Tianjin dan meminta dibantu untuk melawan kelompok ekstremis Uighur di Xinjiang, East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM).

Sebagaimana dilansir Reuters, Wang mengatakan bahwa ia berharap Taliban dapat membantu melawan ETIM yang merupakan “ancaman langsung terhadap keamanan nasional China.”
“ETIM, kelompok teroris yang masuk dalam daftar Dewan Keamanan PBB, merupakan ancaman langsung terhadap keamanan nasional dan integritas wilayah China, dan merupakan kewajiban bersama komunitas internasional untuk melawan mereka,” ujar Wang.

Kelompok yang bertekad menjadikan Xinjiang sebagai negara Islam itu memang dianggap teroris oleh PBB, Uni Eropa, dan beberapa negara lain secara khusus, seperti Malaysia, Pakistan, Rusia, Turki, Inggris, dan Uni Emirat Arab.

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AS Janji Tingkatkan Serangan Udara Lawan Taliban
Selain masalah ETIM, masalah perdamaian di Afghanistan juga menjadi salah satu pokok bahasan dalam pertemuan Wang dengan sembilan perwakilan Taliban ini.

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“[Taliban diharapkan] memegang peranan penting dalam proses rekonsiliasi dan rekonstruksi damai di Afghanistan,” demikian bunyi notulen pertemuan yang dikutip Reuters.

Pertemuan ini dianggap dapat memperkuat pengakuan Taliban di panggung internasional, sementara kekerasan di Afghanistan sendiri kian parah karena peningkatan serangan kelompok tersebut usai pasukan Amerika Serikat angkat kaki.

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Taliban Penggal Warga Afghanistan Penerjemah Tentara AS
Saat ini, Taliban bahkan sudah memiliki kantor di Qatar, di mana perundingan damai kerap dilaksanakan. Taliban juga mengirimkan perwakilan mereka ke Iran untuk bertemu dengan delegasi pemerintah Afghanistan.

Menteri Luar Negeri AS, Antony Blinken, mengatakan bahwa ia mendukung jika China juga ingin menggaungkan resolusi damai atas perang di Afghanistan. Namun, ia menekankan bahwa China juga harus menggandeng perwakilan pemerintah Afghanistan.

“Tak ada yang mau pengambilalihan militer oleh Taliban dan pendirian emirat Islam,” ujar Blinken dalam wawancara dengan CNN-News18.

Saat ini, Taliban memang terus meningkatkan serangannya di Afghanistan. Mereka bahkan mengklaim sudah menguasai 95 persen wilayah Afghanistan.

Sebagai negara yang berbatasan langsung dengan Afghanistan, China berharap konflik berkepanjangan itu tak membawa pengaruh buruk terhadap negaranya.

“Delegasi kami meyakinkan China bahwa kami tidak akan membiarkan tanah Afghanistan untuk melawan China,” ujar juru bicara Taliban, Mohammed Naeem.

Ia juga berkata, “China juga menekankan komitmen untuk membantu warga Afghanistan dan memastikan tak akan mengintervensi masalah Afghanistan, tapi akan membantu pemulihan perdamaian.”

Baca artikel CNN Indonesia “Menlu China Temui Taliban, Minta Bantu Lawan Ekstremis Uighur” selengkapnya di sini:

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Malaysia Akan Cabut Status Darurat Covid 1 Agustus

Ilustrasi pandemi virus corona di Malaysia. (AFP/MOHD RASFAN)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Pemerintah Malaysia memutuskan mencabut status darurat pandemi virus corona pada 1 Agustus mendatang setelah menerapkannya sejak awal tahun ini.
Menteri Hukum Malaysia Takiyuddin Hassan menuturkan pemerintah tidak akan menganjurkan Raja Malaysia Yang di-Pertuan Agong memperpanjang status darurat ketika berakhir pada 1 Agustus mendatang.

Mengutip Reuters, hal itu diutarakan Takiyuddin saat rapat dengan parlemen Malaysia pada Senin (26/7).



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Malaysia Cetak Rekor 17 Ribu Kasus Covid-19 Hari Ini
Raja Malaysia telah menerapkan status darurat Covid-19 sejak 12 Januari lalu. Perdana Menteri Muhyiddin Yassin berpendapat status darurat diperlukan untuk meredam penularan virus corona.

Deklarasi status darurat memberikan Muhyiddin kewenangan untuk menangguhkan parlemen (reses). Dengan begitu, Muhyiddin dapat menerapkan kebijakan penanganan pandemi tanpa melalui persetujuan legislatif.

Di awal pandemi, kabinet Muhyiddin dinilai berhasil menekan penyebaran dan laju infeksi Covid-19, salah satunya dengan menerapkan penguncian wilayah (lockdown) pada Maret tahun lalu.Saat itu, laju infeksi harian corona dapat ditekan.

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Warga Malaysia Gelar Konvoi Tuntut PM Mundur Hari Ini
Namun, setelah menerapkan serangkaian pelonggaran, Malaysia kembali didera gelombang baru penularan Covid-19 yang diperparah dengan penyebaran varian Delta corona yang lebih menular.

Muhyiddin menerapkan lockdown lebih ketat pada 1 Juni hingga hari ini. Namun, terlepas dari lockdown dan status darurat, penularan Covid-19 Malaysia semakin buruk dan memicu kemarahan publik.

Infeksi harian Covid-19 di Negeri Jiran terus mencatat rekor tertinggi hingga lebih dari 10 ribu kasus.

Malaysia mencetak rekor kasu Covid-19 harian hingga 17 ribu kasus pada Minggu (25/7).

Tingkat keterisian tempat tidur rumah sakit dan ruang ICU (BOR) pun sempat melebihi 100 persen di beberapa wilayah.

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Deretan Negara Asia Tenggara Cetak Rekor Covid Hari Ini
Situasi pandemi yang terus memburuk ini pun memicu amarah publik, terutama kelompok oposisi pemerintah di parlemen hingga membuat kepemimpinan Muhyiddin kembali terancam.

Partai politik terbesar di Negeri Jiran, UMNO, memutuskan menarik diri dan dukungan terhadap koalisi pemerintah.

Salah satu alasan UMNO adalah karena pemerintahan Muhyiddin dinilai gagal menangani pandemi virus corona. UMNO bahkan mendesak Muhyiddin mundur sebagai perdana menteri.


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VIDEO: 200 Petugas Kena Covid, Posko Vaksin Malaysia Ditutup

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Saudi Mulai Izinkan Jemaah Internasional Umrah, Termasuk RI

Ilustrasi. Ibadah Umrah di masa pandemi. (AFP/BANDAR AL-DANDANI)
Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Arab Saudi dilaporkan mulai mengizinkan jemaah internasional, termasuk dari Indonesia, melaksanakan umrah mulai 10 Agustus mendatang bertepatan dengan tahun baru Islam 1443 H.
Langkah itu diambil Saudi setelah ibadah haji khusus bagi jemaah lokal rampung dilaksanakan.

“Masjid Raya siap menerima jemaah umrah,” ujar Wakil Kepala Urusan Masjidil Haram, Saad bin Muhammad al-Muhaimid seperti dikutip Daily Star.

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Arab Saudi Evakuasi 200 Warga dari Indonesia Mulai Hari Ini
Media lokal Haramain Sharifain melaporkan Kementerian Umrah dan Haji Saudi mengizinkan hampir seluruh negara membuka penerbangan langsung ke Saudi khusus jemaah umrah.

Namun, pemerintahan Raja Salman mewajibkan jemaah dari 9 negara termasuk Indonesia untuk transit dan menjalani karantina 14 hari di negara ketiga sebelum tiba di Saudi.

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Selain Indonesia, delapan negara lain yang masuk aturan tersebut terdiri dari India, Pakistan, Mesir, Turki, Argentina, Brasil, Afrika Selatan, dan Libanon.

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Saudi Larang Warga Pergi ke RI Akibat Lonjakan Covid-19
Pemerintah Saudi juga menerapkan serangkaian syarat untuk jemaah umrah internasional.

Salah satu syarat jemaah umrah adalah berusia 18 tahun ke atas dan telah rampung divaksinasi Covid-19 jenis Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, atau Johnson&Johnson (J&J).

“Dosis vaksin Covid-19 buatan China dengan satu suntikan vaksin booster dari Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, atau Johnson&Johnson (J&J) juga diperbolehkan,” bunyi laporan media tersebut.

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Saudi Sebut Haji 2021 Aman, 356 Penerobos Ditangkap telah menghubungi Duta Besar RI di Arab Saudi, Agus Maftuh Abegebriel untuk meminta konfirmasi namun yang bersangkutan belum merespons.

Sejak awal pandemi Covid-19 merebak pada 2020, Arab Saudi telah menerapkan penguncian wilayah (lockdown) yang berimbas pada pembatasan ibadah haji dan umrah, terutama bagi jemaah internasional.


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VIDEO: Arab Saudi Izinkan Umrah Mulai 10 Agustus

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Setelah Norwegia, Meteor Tembus Langit Texas AS dan Meledak

Ilustrasi meteor lintasi langit Texas. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Sebuah meteor atau fireball terbang dan tampak jatuh di langit Texas, Amerika Serikat (AS). Video ini direkam dari mobil seorang warga setempat.

Mengutip BBC, NASA percaya meteor tersebut memasuki atmosfer Bumi di suatu tempat antara Dallas dan Houston. NASA mengklaim telah melacak pecahannya yang jatuh ke Bumi di utara Houston lewati Texas AS.
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Meteor Raksasa Hantam Bumi, Terbakar di Langit Norwegia
Mengutip Dallas News, seorang saksi mata menyebutkan bila fenomena ini terjadi Minggu (25/7) malam sekitar pukul 21.00 waktu setempat.

Sejumlah ledakan juga dikabarkan terdengar yang diduga berasal dari meteorid ini. Masyarakat yang mendengar ledakan dikatakan berasal dari Texoma dan timur laut Texas, menurut Texas Storm Chaser.

Dalam video meteor yang diposting ke halaman penggemar Facebook Texas Storm Chaser, titik terang terlihat menuju ke bumi, dan ledakan keras terdengar sebelum cahaya meledak. Video itu diambil dari bel pintu Ring di Carthage, Texas.

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